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The Digital Activity Creator is a web application that allows users to create interactive presentations and digital activities. Activities can be created from scratch or users can search through the community gallery and reuse activities created by other users. Below are just a few of the features of the Digital Activity Creator.
Interactive Study Material

Creating effective study material is easy: add content and follow it with a digital activity to review the content. Giving students the ability to interact with course content and repeat activities has been proven to help with retention.

No Programming Required

No programming skills? No problem. Digital Activities can be created without requiring a single line of code. Using the Digital Activity Creator, anyone can quickly and easily create an impressive highly interactive activity!

Community Content

Having access to digital activities created by other community users saves time. No need to recreate content that has already been created for a similar course or topic! Using and viewing other digital activities gives users new ideas and a starting point for generating new digital activities.

Track Student Progress

Add usage tracking to your digital activities to track which students have completed the activities.

User authentication can also be added so that user data reflects the class list in Blackboard, then the usage data can be directly imported into Blackboard’s grade book.

Digital Crosswords

Crosswords are a great way to enhance vocabulary, strengthen word recall and memory, stimulate problem solving skills and improve focus. Crosswords are easily generated with the Digital Activity Creator by entering words and clues into text boxes and clicking a generate button. It’s that easy!

Interactive Quizzes

Quizzes can be used for assessment and can also function as a study tool. Quiz questions can have two to four multiple choice answers, an image and a correct/incorrect feedback response. When creating long activities, quizzes can be used to break up content and allow students to review as they progress through the material.

Drag and Drop Activities

Drag and drop activities are a terrific way to see if students have retained the learning objectives. Drag and drop activities can be used to label diagrams, match terms with definitions, or match titles with images.

Word Jumbles

Word jumbles are mixed up words that must be unscrambled. This can help students with the spelling and structure of words and terms. Students must unscramble letters by dragging and dropping them into the correct order to form a word. Word jumbles are an excellent study tool to help with spelling and memorization.

Start From a Template

When creating a new Digital Activity, there is the option to start from a template. Templates can save time and are recommended for users who are new to the Digital Activity Creator.




Embed YouTube Videos

Embedding video to an activity is an easy way to enhance the student’s learning experience. Simply add a link to a YouTube video and display it within a Digital Activity!

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