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What is the Dactivity Creator?

The Digital Activity Creator (Dactivity Creator) is an easy-to-use tool that allows teaching professionals to create online learning activities with no programming required. The Digital Activity Creator can produce anything from a simple slide show to a variety of interactive learning activities that use creative techniques to demonstrate and reinforce course content.

Digital Activities reinforce the learning outcomes of specific topics by displaying self-contained interactive activities. These can generally be completed in under fifteen minutes and give students immediate feedback.

No Programming Required

No programming skills? No problem. Digital Activities can be created without requiring a single line of code. Using the Digital Activity Creator, anyone can quickly and easily create an impressive highly interactive activity!

Access Community Content

Having access to digital activities created by other community users saves time. No need to recreate content that has already been created for a similar course or topic! Using and viewing other digital activities gives users new ideas and a starting point for generating new digital activities.

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